Aerial Zip Trolley

Increasing zipping fun and profitability

Engineered with oversized wheels for long, fast and smooth ziplines up to 60mph (100km/h)

Designed for ZipSTOP high velocity braking and Aerial Braking System (ABS) retrieval-free operation

Highly durable with very low maintenance costs



Field-serviceable large flat UHMW impact plate makes excellent contact with ZipSTOP brake trolleys and ABS brake blocks — especially during high velocity braking


Dual easy-to-clip-in holes (reversible for simplicity and less chance for error):

  • Front hole moved forward for impact reduction: the zip trolley does not lift up like most other zip trolleys — resulting in reduced upswing on braking impact and increased life for brake blocks
  • Rear hole for fall-arrest backup


Designed to work well with removable handles: we have made the side plates thick enough and the wheel sheaves deep enough so you can clip separate handles in downhill hole carabiner to provide comfort and steering as well as decrease your liability — without the risk of bending the trolley side plates or clients slowing down by derailing the zip trolley


Optional above-cable backup rear attachment point



  • Dimensions: L 7.2” x W (bolt end to bolt end) 2.1” x H 4.8”
  • Weight: 2.75lb
  • Wheels: 2” diameter with twin sealed SKF bearings for zip cables up to 1/2” diameter
  • Side plates: ¼” 5052 aluminum
  • Impact plates: UHMW
  • Attachment holes: 7/8”
  • Load tested: 10,000lb with no deformation
  • Speed tested: 60mph with minimal heat build up


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