Aerial Adventure Parks

Aerial Adventure Parks provide participants of all ages an opportunity to balance challenge with play, in a visually and physically stimulating environment. Typically, they include a range of courses of increasing difficulty, each containing a series of obstacles and activities, interspersed with ziplines. Indoors or outdoors, they bring active entertainment to a new elevation!

As with all our work, we use high quality, durable materials, and arborist-approved techniques to allow for heavy use, and to ensure the park’s longevity. In addition, we pay special attention to course dynamics, to make sure the park flows well in operation, which increases usage capacity. To enhance safety and reduce liability and staffing, we use high-tech safety systems such as continuous belay systems and safety lines that cannot be released while up on the park. These enhancements give participants a greater ease of movement on the courses, allowing them to enter more fully into the experience. Wherever they're built, our aerial adventure parks provide enticing and rewarding experiences that participants will not soon forget. 

Your innovative solutions met our needs perfectly and your construction was of the highest quality. Your professionalism has given me peace of mind: I know my clients are safe.
— C.B. Waterhouse, Director, Waterhouse Center